Reading Club For Kids

Whether your child is 8 or 12, a reading club is a great way to support your child literacy

The aim of the course is

a) to foster a love for reading as a recreational activity
b) to read and discuss books in a fun environment
c) to help children to develop thinking and analytical skills

The course is for

The course is for children aged 8 – 12

After completion of the course

After completion of the course children will have:
d) positive reading attitudes
e) more confidence as a reader
f) greater understanding of cultures
g) increased pleasure in reading later in life
h) Improved speaking and reading abilities
i) Increased vocabulary
j) Increased decision making skills
k) Empathy and insight into human nature

Welcome to Exclusive’s Reading Club for kids where we encourage young readers to discover great books, share new stories and topics, and have some bookish fun! A reading club for kids is one of the best ways to combine learning and fun.

Our Reading Club offers:

– Carefully selected reading material
When choosing reading material for children, we try to select books that are enjoyable and interesting so that the children want to read them. Stories are always popular and factual texts are excellent way of linking English with other subjects. We make sure that kids in our club are at a similar reading level and of similar age group so that they can focus on the books they find most satisfying.

– Plays, movies and more
To extend the fun we let children view movie versions of books. Learning early about how to compare movies and books is great for kids. Dressing up as a character for the books encourages kids to pay attention to details about the characters as they bring them to life through clothing and props.

– Tons of games
To make the meeting even more interactive and engaging for high energy kids, we add games. Games make the book club experiences stay with kids for longer and keep everyone from wandering off.

– Snacks
A great book club space is nothing without great book club snacks. Refreshments are an integral part of our get-togethers.

– Fun takeaways
When children leave the book club, they leave with small favors like cool printable bookmarks etc. These are reminders that they are part of the club!

Our qualified native English trainers are selected carefully for their experience, qualifications and enthusiasm and are central to your experience at Exclusive International.

The enjoyment of reading and being able to read confidently has a big impact on a child’s academic success, and is an indicator of success in other areas of life.

Standard course

Course Price GEL 240
Course length 3 months
Lessons per month 8
Lesson duration 2 hours

Sunday course

Course Price GEL 150
Course length 5 months
Lessons per month 4
Lesson duration 2 hours